My Story

I am Dario Vargas and I am a wedding photographer in St Louis Missouri , I am a latino photographer and moved from Costa Rica around 15 years ago and established my photography business focused on weddings. It took 5 years to be able to be full time focused in photography

One of the things I am most proud of overcoming my insecurities as I moved here, building my business without much connections, and being able to take care of love ones , In the past years being self employed, I have found the hardest times were balancing life and work. There is always a pull from every direction to be able to do all things at once and be able to be all the things as well.

I have learned how important mental health is and how to find a path for a slow paced life in a fast paced world that asks so much from all of us.

For many years, I’ve found joy in documenting love, seeking the extraordinary moments where you can get a glimpse of someone’s real story (and real personality). I am forever in love with people, the stories they share, and the connections that bring us together.